Coach Stephen Siraco

Steve has over 16 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and continues to serve on active duty as a Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist. Steve has also served as the Physical Fitness Coordinator at the Maritime Enforcement Specialist "A" School where he was responsible for training future Petty Officers before sending them back into the fleet.

Steve's athletic background prior to OCR includes football, swimming, CrossFit, and general fitness. OCR has proven to be the perfect blend of endurance and strength for this 5'10", 210 lbs. athlete. 

In addition to Steve's military leadership, Steve's coaching experience includes Spartan SGX Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor, CrossFit Kettle Bell Instructor, W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer, HISST Coach, and SKF Men's Coach.

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Coaching Experience 

Spartan SGX Coach  *  CrossFit Level 1 Coach  *  CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor  *  CrossFit Kettle Bell Instructor

W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer  *  HISST Coach  *  SKF Men's Coach

In addition to Steve's 16+ years of military leadership, his coaching experience includes:


Steve's athletic background prior to OCR includes high school football and swimming where he both shattered his arm and held the school record for the 500 freestyle. In college, prior to joining the Coast Guard, Steve said he did what everybody in Boston did and tried to become a meathead. 

Joining the Coast Guard meant Steve was required to be physically fit for his job. He started running and doing more body weight exercises to prepare him for the 70 pounds of gear he would be carrying while boarding ships at sea, often under the cover of darkness, and to be able to repel, also known as "fast roping", out of helicopters onto a moving target.

In 2011, Steve found his way to CrossFit where he competed in several competitions and performed relatively well. In 2014 he was searching for something different, and that's when his best friend John introduced him to obstacle course racing. Steve didn't know what he was in for, but he came out loving it. He introduced his girlfriend and partner in all things fitness to the sport and they have been at it ever since. Not only have they competed in 35 races between the two of them, they were also selected as contestants on NBC's Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge set to air this spring. 


Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast

OCR Radio Podcast

As a coach for the SKF Men's Lifestyle Program, Steve appears as a co-host on the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast, a partner podcast for the SKFitLife Programs. 

Steve appears as a co-host on the OCR Radio Podcast where he delights us with his humor and wit while getting down to what you really need to know to get started in OCR or to level up your game. 


Born and raised in East Boston Massachusetts, I learned from a very young age that life wasn't easy. I grew up poor. Food stamps and government cheese poor. Oldest of three children, I watched night after night my mother fight back tears trying to figure out how to make life better for us. She wanted the best for her children, always putting us first and foremost.  

I never knew how poor I really was until I attended a private Catholic middle school. Most of the kids there were well off and had two parent homes. As I look back on those times, I remember thanking God that I had to wear a uniform. I didn't have nice clothes like the other kids, so wearing a uniform shielded me from that embarrassment. I remember one particular day I was with my mother buying groceries. She paid the bill with food stamps, and to my horror, there were two mothers of my classmates behind us. I remember feeling so ashamed and embarrassed. I'll never forget the look on their faces. Judging my mother from their high horse. My amazing mother was doing the best she could and these women were looking down their noses at her. It was at that moment, at a very young age, I swore to myself that somehow, some way, things would be different in the future.

Following high-school, I attended UMASS Boston where I was a mediocre student at best. I didn't take it seriously, and after two short years I left the university. Needing money to support myself, I took a job as a cable guy. The money was great so I was still able to live the party life. The party life led me into the rave scene where life got strange for a year. At this point I had no idea who I was or where I was heading. I eventually lost my job, so to support myself, I started making money in a less than honorable way. Then life punched me in the face and turned my world upside down.  

Military Experience

Joining the U.S. Coast Guard was the best decision of my life. I honestly can't imagine where I would be today if I didn't enlist. The Coast Guard, along with my mother, is what shaped me into the man I am today. On November 2nd 2015, I reached the 13 year mark in the USCG. My career so far has been an amazing journey. In 2005 I was sent to New Orleans, following Hurricane Katrina. While there, I saw first hand how the media twists reality. If you want to know more just email me. From 2007 to 2011, my primary mission was working counter-narcotics in the Eastern Pacific and Caribbean. My biggest bust as a Boarding Officer was 4.62 tons. The picture below was taken during the week transit from Saint Martin to Panama. I was so bored I decided to make a throne out of cocaine. Not many people can say that huh?

In the summer of 2001 I was arrested. Luckily, the judge went easy on me and I didn't have to serve jail time. I was placed on probation for one year and my case was adjudicated as a continuance without a finding. Shortly after that, on September 11th the homeland was attacked. I remember this day differently than most people. On September 11th 2001, my close friend died of a drug overdose. I was destroyed. My life was out of control. I needed to do something fast to escape the hell that was East Boston at the time. My arrest, the towers falling, and my friend passing away is what led me to join the U.S. Coast Guard.

In 2008 I was sent to Um Qasr, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi freedom. If you are asking yourself why is the Coast Guard in Iraq, google U.S. Coast Guard war history. You will be surprised! While there, my mission was training the Iraqi Marines / Coast Guard, as well as river patrols on the border with Iran. This deployment made me appreciate how good we have it in the U.S. When I hear people complain about how "awful" our country is, or when the flag is burned in protest, it pisses me off to no end. Murica baby!

In 2010 my team was one of the first into Port au Prince, Haiti following the earthquake. This was a humbling experience due to over 220,000 people losing their lives. Images that have been burned into my memory haunt me to this day. Our mission was to secure Port au Prince's only functioning port so aid could reach the people. Again I was reminded how good we have it in the U.S. Haiti is a mess both politically and financially, and their jerry rigged infrastructure directly led to the astronomically high death toll.  

In 2011 I was tasked to hunt pirates. Yes you read that right. My team was attached to a U.S. Navy destroyer and our mission was to deter pirate attacks and detain the offenders. We were operating primarily in the Gulf of Aden, and while we were there, we stopped three attacks and captured 16 pirates in total. Good times!

In the fall of 2011 I decided I needed a break from the operations side of the guard. I took an instructor position at the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, S.C. where I am currently stationed. Here, I am able to train and mentor future Petty Officers before sending them back to the fleet. Of all the jobs I have had in the Coast Guard, I have to say this one is the most rewarding. It's not the most exciting thing I have done but I believe it does have the most impact.

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